Hi out there,

my name is Henning (or Mantikor if you meet me on a Social-Network or Forum). I’m from Hamburg (Germany) and today I am 32 Years old.  Tabletop-Games are part of my life since 18 Years. All started with a student exchange to England and a unplanned stop at a Games-Workshop store in Harrogate.

Since this day I collected a lots of Warhammer 40k factions, read a lot of GWs backround storys and source books and have tried out several other systems from Games-Workshop and other publishers. Just to name some, Inquisitor, Warhammer, Battlefleet Gothic, Bolt Action, Dystopian Wars, Battletech or Infinity. But even after all this excursions, Warhammer 40.000 is still my major System, because the story behind it is, from my point of view, still the best.

With each new post here you will discover, that it is always the story of the game, that give me Motivation. I’m not a competitiv Player and don’t like optimized armys, which are total out of fluff, but what I like is to discuss about settings, scenarios and fluffy list builds. 😉

So, this Blog should be a possibility to achive three targets:

First of all, it should be a place to share my experiences with all of you out there. You will find systemreviews here along with ideas of scenarios or campaigns.

Second one is to keep up my motivation to paint my miniatures and develop terrains. I hope to share my advanceses with you will give me an additional boost.

And last but not least, I like to improve my english skills. As written above, I’m from Germany and so I’m not a native english speaker. So please be gentle with mistakes and bad grammar. 😉 I will do my best to learn it!

So have fun (or even not) with my little blog!